Back facial
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Paraffin mask back facial
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Is that cotton u used
kat  kat
kat kat
I need this so bad
Blair Simmons
Blair Simmons
wow- so cool! This is my first time seeing a paraffin wax mask being applied on the back. Awesome job ❤️
Drink will feel amazing!
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Peyton Moore
Peyton Moore
Water really makes a difference
WORKING OUT FOR BETTER SKIN - BY - AMANDA ISEPPON (ME!) Exercising has become such a trend; its social, its fun, and there are lots of cute clothes to sweat in! Everywhere you go you see all those new hybrid workouts to tone that tush; ballet barre anyone? Exercising is such an imperative asset to your routine. More than just the health benefits and the results of looking fabulous, exercising is extremely beneficial to your skin. I know, how can something that makes you sweat not clog your pores and cause breakouts? Well, for starters sweating is actually good for your skin. The skin, just like the kidneys and liver, is a mechanism for the body that eliminates itself of toxins. Your sweat glands are also getting a work out. When your sweat glands are working out the skin gets rid of all those gross, annoying things that clog pores and cause unwanted breakouts. Of course, don’t marinate your skin in your sweat after exercising…. Be sure to wash your face. Pumping that iron also increases blood flow to the skin. The blood flow to the skin increases oxygen to the skin as well. The result allows nutrients that support skin health to actually infuse into the skin. As you read in the previous blog about stress (if you haven’t, check it out on our website!)…stress is a leading cause of breakouts. When you exercise you relieve your stress. Listen to your music while you release endorphins, and BAM! Stress is being relieved. Reducing stress in your life will make your skin look young, healthy and vibrant. It’s time to pull out those adorable Lulu Lemons, put on those trendy colorful sneakers, and work out! Make it fun and exciting, try something new, do it with a friend! You’ll be helping your body, health and skin! Talk about a triple package! #beauty, #exercise, #fitness, #Health, #skin, #Skincare, #spa, #stress, #workout, #youth
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FUN SKIN FACTS - BY AMANDA ISEPPON (ME!) Which organ is the largest in your body, weighing in at 7 pounds, and approximately 20 square feet? If you guessed skin your guess is correct! Are you ready to learn all about the skin? Many people know about the different conditions, treatments, regimens, products; but many people do not even know WHAT the skin is! Well today you will be educated on fun, exciting, facts about the largest organ in your body…YOUR SKIN! Your skin’s main purpose is to regulate body temperature, produce vitamin D, and protect your body. The key functions of your skin are protection, regulation, and sensation. The skin also produces hormones and enzymes. Melanin is a natural substance produced in your skin that determines your skin color and also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. There are three main layers of your skin. Beginning from the inside to the surface, the layers are as follows; Subcutis, Dermis, and Epidermis. Your skin is alive up to the Stratum Corneum, which is the outermost layer of the five layers present in the Epidermis. And now for a short science lesson…The skin is composed of 25% blood and 50% of the primary immune cells. It absorbs 2.5% of the body’s oxygen and releases 3% carbon dioxide. Ever question how much you sweat per day? Well, the skin emits up to 3 gallons of sweat per day! Along with the 3 gallon loss of sweat, we also shed approximately 40,000 dead skin cells EVERY MINUTE. This means that by the time you reach the age of 70 you have lost around 105 pounds of skin! There are many environmental influences that affect your skin. First, your skin is affected by diet, seasons, medication, stress, and climate. Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol prevent nutrients from feeding the skin and speeds up the aging process. A positive influence on your skin is exercise. Exercise increases the blood flow of nutrients and water to the skins surface making collagen thicker. Skip your coffee and hit the gym! Okay skin geniuses, now that you are knowledgeable to some extent on your skin it is time to take care of it! You will be able to treat your skin better now that you know more about it. #diet, #education, #feelgood, #funfacts, #happiness, #lookgood, #young, #antiaging, #beauty, #collagen, #health, #skincare, #skincaretips, #spa, #wrinkles
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Ashlie Rust-Smith
Don't forget to jazz up your look with a great polish and a cute design! Be inspired by things around....
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Camille Grammer at the #Emmys Style Lounge with #Nuworld BotanicalsSweet Dreams is a perfectly balanced synergy blend of pure and #essential oils reputed as being some of the best for encouraging peace and relaxation including patchouli, chamomille, lavender, marjoram, mandarin and geranium. This innovative multi-tasker functions as an all over #body moisturizer, luxurious #hair and #scalp #treatment, nourishing #bath #oil and instant sensory remedy! Naturally active #aromatherapy essential oil blend combines with delicate skin nourishing seed oils to create Sweet Dreams Multi-Nutritive Oil for Body, Bath and Hair. Sweet Dreams's multi-nutrient enriched oil blend of Pomegranate, Passionfruit and Sea Buckthorn seed oils help smooth, hydrate and protect skin and hair with #anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, C + E and delivers an unsurpassed source of omegas-3, 6, + 9 for soft, luminous skin and hair. Rare omega-7 fatty acid helps boost #collagen production and creates the perfect barrier to #moisturize, #rejuvenate, #repair and #protect. 100-percent all natural sensory-skin remedy. 90-percent Certified Organic ingredients. Sweet Dreams offers a modern solution to an ancient approach to renewal and well-being. Size: 50ml Options for Use ?Smooth onto clean dry body skin and breathe in the transforming aroma for an overall sense of well-being and restoration. ?Add to running bath water ?Run a small amount through dry hair to condition, smooth and shine ?Conditioning Treatment: Add a small amount to wet hair and scalp. Shampoo and Rinse.
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