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Photographer: Ryan Walsh
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The many looks of Abby McAlear. Hair, makeup, and styling by Avalon student Lindsay Haggard. #popcolor #pink #longhair #youth #neon #spring
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WORKING OUT FOR BETTER SKIN - BY - AMANDA ISEPPON (ME!) Exercising has become such a trend; its social, its fun, and there are lots of cute clothes to sweat in! Everywhere you go you see all those new hybrid workouts to tone that tush; ballet barre anyone? Exercising is such an imperative asset to your routine. More than just the health benefits and the results of looking fabulous, exercising is extremely beneficial to your skin. I know, how can something that makes you sweat not clog your pores and cause breakouts? Well, for starters sweating is actually good for your skin. The skin, just like the kidneys and liver, is a mechanism for the body that eliminates itself of toxins. Your sweat glands are also getting a work out. When your sweat glands are working out the skin gets rid of all those gross, annoying things that clog pores and cause unwanted breakouts. Of course, don’t marinate your skin in your sweat after exercising…. Be sure to wash your face. Pumping that iron also increases blood flow to the skin. The blood flow to the skin increases oxygen to the skin as well. The result allows nutrients that support skin health to actually infuse into the skin. As you read in the previous blog about stress (if you haven’t, check it out on our website!)…stress is a leading cause of breakouts. When you exercise you relieve your stress. Listen to your music while you release endorphins, and BAM! Stress is being relieved. Reducing stress in your life will make your skin look young, healthy and vibrant. It’s time to pull out those adorable Lulu Lemons, put on those trendy colorful sneakers, and work out! Make it fun and exciting, try something new, do it with a friend! You’ll be helping your body, health and skin! Talk about a triple package! #beauty, #exercise, #fitness, #Health, #skin, #Skincare, #spa, #stress, #workout, #youth
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