This teen client came in with acne issues and is worried about her appearance for the big event coming this weekend. I bumped the facial up to a corrective facial, treat her acne with high frequency current and used MedicBac Clearing line on her. Two days later, she was happy with her skin staying soft and clearing up. Yay, I love #Dermalogica products!
Client came for a bacial and facial, fell asleep twice in a row. Yay! So glad that she enjoyed relaxing at TSPA! #TSPACOS #Bacial #Facial #Dermalogica #AmberMudMasque
Perked up when I was assigned to treat a classmate at the Etsy Treatment Room today for grading. This model came in with: dry, peeling skin, risk of acne, and an allergy to lavender. (Gasp! Lavender?) I was excited to overcome this challenge because it’s a great way to learn from such a realistic case! • #TaylorYourBrows #TSPAColoradoSprings #EstheticianInTraining #FacialDay #Dermalogica
Relaxing Spa day at Ogle School in Arlington featuring the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque from #dermalogica
Did a #facial with the #AgeSmart line from #Dermalogica paired with a nice #liftingmassage!
Real men get facials
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