“One of our own Glendale Heights students already snagged a job at a fantastic salon using her BloomCircle resumé!”

Melissa Kerber, Industry Relations | Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

“As educators in the industry we feel confident that BloomCircle is the leading resource for our students to express their creativity in a very professional level. It will also benefit them in their rewarding career in the beauty industry.”

Larissa Cheney, Campus Director | Ogle School Hair. Skin. Nails. Fort Worth

“Bellus Academy had been searching for a social media platform that would engage our students on a daily basis and display their professional profiles for career placement upon graduation. Shortly after implementing the BloomCircle Premium School Program we realized it was a game changer as it truly connects our students with salons, professionals and product brands unlike any social media we have used before.”

David Yocum, School Director | Bellus Academy

“We have been a premium member since day one. I love it. Everybody in our school has iPads, so it’s such an easy transition for us. If you’re not doing social media like this, you’re missing the boat.”

Eric Fisher | Eric Fisher Academy

“BloomCircle is a great addition to our school because it motivates students to create beautiful and inspiring work that they can share from a professional platform. Times are changing and we needed to stay current with what potential students want and need!”

Christine Stannis, Director of Education | David Pressley School of Cosmetology

“Our students are using this as part of their portfolio-building process. BloomCircle is a great addition to our association. And, I think your students would like it as well.”

Kim McIntosh, VP of AACS and Owner | Xenon International Academy

“I am excited about the future of BloomCircle and the opportunities it presents our students.”

Jonathan Melloul, COO | Sylvain Melloul International Hair Academy

“We truly are loving Bloom, staff and students alike! We have a contest running right now and the students are so excited about it.”

Jill, Lead Educator | PB Cosmetology


“BloomCircle is the future. I love BloomCircle because it’s an easy way to show your work as well as display it in a professional manner. My favorite feature of BloomCircle is how easy it is to create and showcase your resume. I never thought I could say making a resume would be so fun!”

Austin S, Student| Newberry School of Beauty

“I love BloomCircle because it constantly inspires me to improve and broaden my horizons so that I can be the best professional possible”

Jean P, Student| Ogle School Hair. Skin. Nails. Fort Worth

“I absolutely LOVED using BloomCircle while in school. I have accounts in several media platforms but for me, my BloomCircle account gave me a more professional page to direct my clients to. I loved being able to add in all the products I used to create each look. It is great to be able to upload photos to my LookBook and be able to send it out to my other social pages. Another feature that is great is being able to connect with so many other students and professionals in our industry...Now that I have graduated and am starting my career, I plan to use BloomCircle along with utilizing the features I have not been able to, such as online booking, etc.”

Stacey L, Graduate | TSPA Tacoma

“BloomCircle gave me the opportunity to market myself to employers as well as clients, by providing an easily accessible place to organize and categorize my work.”

Haily W, Graduate | Xenon International Academy

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